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Scrap Your Car or Sell Your Car for Cash in the East Midlands, 
Leicestershire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire


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Q: How long does it take to collect my car?

A:Usually the same day or whenever suits you

Q:My car does not start is this a problem?

A: No we will use our high powered winch to pull it onto the truck

Q: How will I get paid?

A: Cash or immediate bank transfer if it is a scrap car

Q: I can not find the v5 is this a problem?

A: No it is not a problem we can still buy you vehicle

Q: Do I have to pay for collection?

A: No it is free of charge

Q: Can I cancel if so is a fee involved?

A: You can cancel and no fee is involved

Q: Do you accept caravans,scooters and motorbikes?

A: In short no

Q: Do you accept old/classic cars?

A: Yes we do