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Dispose of your Old Car the Responsible Way

By January 21, 2020July 26th, 2021No Comments

For every car owner, there comes a point when he or she would have to let go of their beloved automobile. As heart-wrenching as this may be, it could be for reasons that concern their safety and that the vehicle has reached the end of its usable lifespan. For a car owner, this would be rather nostalgic, but it’s for the best.

Reasons Why Car Disposal is Important

Amongst the many reasons, our primary concern is the safety of the passengers and the pedestrians. If your automobile gives away, you put your life as well as the lives of others at risk. This could lead to injuries, legal matters, and in the worst case, death.

If you cause a threat to others, there are some states that would confiscate your driver’s license or subject you to severe fines. This would be unnecessary and if you took the right measures to ‘listen’ to your automobile and know when it is at the end of the road.

Another reason to consider getting a new vehicle is that it might be choking out a lot of smoke that could be detrimental to the environment. It could hold a lot of memories, however, newer models of vehicles could have a lot of features that are ‘green’ and are not harmful to the ecosystem.

There comes a point when you are forking out thousands of dollars but you keep having issues with your vehicle. At the end of the year, it might prove to you that it will be far easier to spend on a new vehicle that keeps sticking to the repairs.

If your vehicle cannot be sold to an antique collector or even for a pittance, it could be taking up space in your garage. It could be getting wasted daily and corroding away, so it would make sense for you to sell it rather it being a burden.

Factors to Consider prior to Scrapping Your Car

If the above reasons have convinced you to scrap your car, there are a few things you must keep in mind:

In many countries, it is against the law to pay in cash when you are trading your car as scrap metal. Find out about this is the same in your area, and ensure that you avoid receiving cash for the transaction. You can ensure this will be taken care of at scrap my car Newark on Trent.

Ensure that you have your documentation in place. When the automobile is being sold as scrap, the DVLA or the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency must be notified using a CoD or otherwise known as a Certificate of Destruction. Where do you find these? For anyone who needs to get one of these, head over to an automobile recycling centre. These are specifically called the ATFs (Authorised Treatment Facilities). There are severe fines that are imposed on those who violate these regulations as you will be considered responsible for the vehicle still but you wouldn’t have to worry about this at scrap my car Newark on Trent.

In some regions when you dispose of your vehicle, you will be asked for identification and the proof of your residential address (this will be in the form of a utility bill). This information could last in the records for a period of up to three years, therefore, it’s best to keep your personal information safe by providing it to a reputable organisation that will not sell your details and have your details going to the wrong hands.

Reclaiming your tax and insurance is another matter you must consider. When you have the automobile scrapped at a reputable ATF, then you will have the CoD issue. At this point, the DVLA will refund you for any months of taxation is that you have already paid. Keep your vehicle insurer informed so that they can transfer any credits of the insurance to another vehicle you may purchase in the future.

Does this look like a lot of work to you? If this sounds complicated, you can depend on the reliable services of Cars-2-Cash who can help you with scrap my car Melton Mowbray.