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How to prepare for an MOT test and avoid failing

By March 21, 2020July 26th, 2021No Comments

For anyone with a car over 5 years in age the annual MOT test can be a thing to dread. With one in three cars failing the test it is little wonder why most people hate getting their car tested. Thankfully, a lot of the reasons that cars fail are simple and avoidable problems that are relatively cheap to fix. In this article we’ll look at how you can prepare your vehicle for its next MOT and prevent it from failing.
Check 1

Check all your lights and bulbs on the exterior of your car. Turn the lights on and indicators and have someone check that your brake lights are working. A blown bulb is a common reason for failure so take the time to get any broken bulbs replaced.
Check 2

Next up check the tyres on your car, you need a minimum of 1.6mm of tread across the central three quarters of the tyre so if it is close to this or below then it is time to get your tyres replaced. Tread depth below the minimum could also lead to your being fined.
Check 3

Horn, steering wheel, brakes and suspension are all things that you can check yourself. Do your brakes work as they should and does your handbrake hold your vehicle in place on a hill? If not then it’s time to get them looked at. Pushing down on your car the suspension should quickly rebound to its starting position without excessive bobbing.
Signs that you should scrap your car

It may not be worthwhile to continue running a car if it has started to cost more to repair your vehicle than it is currently worth. From a faulty transmission or damaged suspension to brakes that don’t work or problems with the engine, big problems can cost a lot to fix and may still lead to big bills further down the line.

Scrapping a car can be a great decision if your car is old, has failed its MOT and has numerous faults. Selling your car for cash could give you the money you need for a deposit on a new car, one that will pass its MOT and keep you safe.