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Top tips to get an old car back on the road

By July 21, 2020July 26th, 2021No Comments

Have you got an old car sitting around just waiting for a little loving care and attention? Perhaps you bought a new car and have just left the old one on your driveway with the aim of selling it on. No matter what the reason in this blog article we’ll take you through some top tips to make sure your old car is suitable for use on the road and is in a sellable condition.
Tip 1

If your car has been sat around for a while then you probably want to check for rust and areas of damage to the body panels. Check body panels lower down for damage and examine the sills on doors as these are the areas that are commonly affected. You’ll also want to check the structural elements such as the frame and any joins to make sure they are not rotten.
Tip 2

Check the car moves. A common problem with cars that have been left standing for a long time with the handbrake on is that the brakes can seize on. This can normally be resolved by spraying the callipers with a lubricant such as WD40 and rocking the vehicle back and forth to help release the brakes.
Tip 3

Inspect the engine looking for signs of excessive wear and damage. Check the fluids to make sure that there is enough oil in the engine as well as brake fluid and coolant. As well as checking the levels you’ll also want to make sure that the oil has not started to solidify if it has then this should be drained and replaced with new engine oil. If you are not competent ask a mechanic to check the engine as they can help spot problems that you may miss.
Tip 4

Replace the battery. If the battery has become corroded or not been used for a long time then it is time to get a replacement. This doesn’t have to be a brand new battery so feel free to shop around with scrap yards being a good option.
Tip 5

Drain the fuel from the car. Petrol and diesel both have a shelf life and old fuel that has been sat in the vehicle will need to be replaced. This can either be syphoned out or drained if the fuel tank has a drain plug. As well as replacing the fuel you should also change the fuel filter.
Tip 6

Fit new spark plugs or glow plugs and wiring. This is necessary for vehicles that have been unused for a couple of years as over time these can corrode and mean your vehicle will run properly. A new set of spark plugs and leads shouldn’t cost much and will help ensure your engine is running efficiently.

There can be a lot of work needed to get an old vehicle up and running and make it roadworthy but these tips should help you on your journey. Of course, it may not be worth trying to get some vehicles ready for the road again if they need too much work doing to them and are not worth the money.

In these cases, the best solution may be to scrap your car and use the cash to put towards a deposit for a newer vehicle that is already roadworthy.