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What’s the best way to get rid of your old banger?

By August 21, 2019July 26th, 2021No Comments

Have you been driving the same old car for years? Do you dread the next time your car has to take the fearful MOT test? Have you lost faith in your trusted stead? Well it may be time to get rid of your old banger and start looking for a new motor. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the options for getting rid of your car and easing the costly burden.


The first option available is to sell your car. It may seem like the most obvious choice but depending on the condition of your car it might not be the best option. Also in order to list your car for sale and get a response, you will probably need to spend some money on creating a listing e.g. on a site such as Autotrader you’ll need to pay around £20 for the privilege. If your MOT has expired or is about to, then this can make finding a buyer extremely difficult. Another difficulty is the VED band of your vehicle, the older the model the more likely that the VED band will be higher and cost a lot to tax each year.

You’ll need to list any problems with your car when selling it so as to give buyers an honest idea about the condition of your vehicle otherwise you could find yourself facing a future legal battle if the car was not as described. The other pain about selling privately is needing to be available to arrange viewings of your car and be prepared for people who are just tyre kickers with no intention of buying, or certainly not at the price you want. This can lead to a very frustrating experience which may mean you end up with a very poor return for your old car.

Giving it away

You may think that if the value of your car is really low and that it has a lot of potential or already known issues then your best course of action would be to give it away. The trouble with this is that if you give your car to a friend or family member and they have trouble with it then you’ll feel badly about it and obliged to help out.

Scrapping your car

For non-runners, MOT failures or just cars that are becoming increasingly expensive to run and repair then scrapping your car may be one of the better options. Most scrap yards will be able to collect your car for you, meaning you don’t have to risk an uninsured drive to get your vehicle to its final destination.

When looking at scrap yards make sure they have the relevant insurance and are DVLA notified which means that you will no longer be the legal owner of the car. At we can offer you a fair price for your car and can even come and collect it from your premises. Most vehicles can be collected the same day that we’re contacted and we pride ourselves on offering the best prices.