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Why car scrappage is good for the environment

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Over the years there has been a stigma surrounding scrap metal yards, but the truth is the industry has been cleaned up figuratively and literally. With stricter rules being introduced, licensed scrap metal dealers like Cars 2 Cash are now playing a big part in helping to ensure that scrap metal recycling is done in an environmentally friendly way. The scrap car recycling process

It all starts with a call to a reputable scrap metal dealer like Cars 2 Cash. The first thing that we’ll do is provide you with a valuation for your scrap vehicle we don’t even need to see it to give you a price. Once you’re happy we can then arrange for our team to come and collect your vehicle at a time that is convenient to you.

When we have collected the car we’ll then carry out the following tasks to make the car safe and ready to be recycled. During the recycling process the vast majority of your vehicle will be able to be broken down using the following process:

Depollute – this involves removing all the hazardous material and fluids from the vehicle including fuel, oil, antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, and battery acid.

Shredding – now that the hazardous materials have been removed the car can be broken up, the most common method involves shredding the car.

Magnets – powerful magnets are now used to separate steel from the rest of the cars materials.

Vacuum and heavy media – light materials such as foams, rubber and light plastics are removed using a giant vacuum process before heavy media such as non-ferrous metals are removed using a heavy media process with different densities of water.

Plastic polymers – plastics are finally separated and then recycled into plastic pellets that can be used in future production.

How scrap car recycling is good for the environment

Now that we know how scrap cars are recycled let’s take a look at the environmental benefits of recycling scrap cars.

Reduced toxic waste – one of the key requirements of modern scrap car recycling is depollution which involves recycling and disposal of heavy metals and toxic chemicals which previously may have leaked into the ground and got into the water system.

Less impact on the natural world – by recycling more metal and plastics we can help to reduce our impact on the natural world and the devastation caused by mining. Recycled metal is not only cheaper to produce but it also is much more energy efficient.

Financial benefit – As well as getting paid for the value of your scrap metal the scrap metal industry helps to support the UK economy by employing thousands of people.